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Sustainable Waste Management in Algeria

Blida's Waste Collection Centre

The waste collection centre in Blida has been functional since July 2004. It has the technical and human capacities to guarantee the collection, reuse and recovery of industrial waste of Greater Blida. Currently, more than 30 industrialists and shops use the waste collection centre regularly. In addition to voluntary drop off, the Blida waste collection centre carries out curb side collection during office hours.

Agreements have been signed between the centre and the 3 industries: PAPIREC (paper/cardboard); RETPLAST (PET) and ENPC (plastic except PET). To meet the growing demands of the industrialists, the collection of metal was introduced in September 2005. In consequence, there are 4 - systems in activity at the waste collection centre in Blida.

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What is a Waste collection centre?
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Practical Training on Waste Management


Waste collection centre of Blida
Haï Fettel, Beni Mered
09000 Blida, Algeria

Karim Ouamane, Director
Tel : +213 (0) 254 20 975
Fax : +213 (0) 254 02 250
Portable : +213 (0) 507 00 339
E-mail : karim_ouamane@yahoo.fr

Maghreb Symposium on Rational Waste Management

In collaboration with APEQUE and ACR+, sba and SDC organised the Maghreb symposium on rational waste management between 7 and 9 May 2005 in Algiers. Almost 200 participants from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon attended the event. The industrial waste collection centre in Blida was the core of the debate as it is the first structure of its kind in North Africa. National or regional replications were further discussed.

Following the Symposium, local communities in Algeria expressed their willingness to initiate such a collection centre in their region. Morocco and Tunisia are also debating the issue. Indeed, the waste collection centre as such is a simple structure that integrates easily in a municipal policy for waste management.

For further information: Download the report on the Maghreb Symposium (in French)

Waste Management from A to Z

This forum is intended for all individuals interested in waste management and the different techniques of sorting and managing waste (i.e. waste management centres). Its aim is to promote new ideas and foster new contacts and partnerships in order to improve waste management in the Mediterranean with ideas from both the South and the North.

To subscribe: http://groups.google.com/group/dechets

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