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Short Training Courses on Eco-management Tools

In the framework of its DELTA programme, sba developed complementary eco-management tools which intended to accompany gradually Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on the path towards environmental certifications. Ranging from simple awareness to more committed and systematic environmental approach, all the tools offers an easy-to-use methodology with neither important expenses nor heavy external help.

sba offers training courses of short durations (2 or 3 days) in order to master the methodology of the eco-management tools and its application in an enterprise.
These technical seminars keep a balance between theoretical learning and practical activities and include also a site application. Besides the usual eco-management training, sba proposes tailored seminars to the needs of the enterprises, administrations and other organisations. For further information concerning the holding of seminars, please contact directly sba. Special deals can be agreed upon with the interested parties.


Good Housekeeping

The Good Housekeeping Guide is primarily intended for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). It is a practical tool that helps companies identify simple environmental measures, reduce costs, improve productivity and minimise their environmental impact. The straightforwardness of the methodology enables SME managers and technicians to quickly implement eco-efficient measures in their daily environmental management. Arabic, En, Fr, Spanish, Turkish


Ecomapping is a visual, simple and practical tool to analyse and manage the environmental performance of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and micro-enterprises. It is dynamic inventory of the changes in the environmental behaviour of a company as well as being a practical communication tool, accessible to all employees. Arabic, En, Fr, Turkish

Environmental Self-Diagnosis Guide

The Environmental Self-Diagnosis Guide was developed to 1) raise awareness in enterprises of potential risks associated with poor environmental performance; 2) demonstrate that integrating environmental considerations in decision-making yields new opportunities for development, or at least maintains their competitiveness; and 3) encourage a responsible attitude among economic actors to promote sustainable development. Arabic, En, Fr

Environmental Performance Indicator

The Environmental Performance Indicator provides decision-makers with an outline of the performance of their company on the basis of selected indicators and analysed according to their relevance. The tool provides simple instructions to select the most pertinent data, to build performance indicators specific to a company, and to consolidate these strategic data in a synthetic information board. The tool enables enterprises to organise the collection and follow-up of data periodically, to measure gaps with regard to pre-defined objectives and to initiate corrective actions accordingly. Arabic, En, Fr

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