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Delta Review 2008

While pollution and global warming remain unresolved issues, resources are rarefying. However, we already have the means needed to end with this alarming situation. This monthly dossier review the origin of these issues, the international measures which have already been taken, together with the existing remedies which can be applied by industry or in daily life.

In the last months the Swiss media was reporting on a weekly basis about the re-organisation of the Swiss Cooperation. Parliamentarians were interviewed about their ideas, members of the Federal Council were giving their opinion and NGO's were claiming about the unsecure future of the funding of their projects. In this context, we dedicate this monthly Dossier to the Swiss cooperation.

We are very pleased to celebrate with you the 50th issue of DELTA Review. Published as a monthly review we have documented over 4 years a fast changing environmental domain.We are looking forward to continuing to inform you about the latest trends, setbacks or ideas.
We dedicate this monthly Dossier to: delocalisation of pollution and depollution.

It is only during the past 20 years that the international community acknowledged the interactions between poverty and environment. Most actions to reduce poverty tackle also the local environmental problems. But is environmental degradation the source of poverty or
is it the other way round? We dedicate this monthly Dossier to this complex relationship between poverty and environment.

Governments all over the world try to reduce the countries carbon footprints. Decision makers find biofuels to be a solution. Additionally individuals are getting more aware of the issue as the price of a fuel barrel is beating everyday new records. Finally higher fuel prices make biofuels production competitive. We dedicate this monthly Dossier to this old but shortly rediscovered source of energy: the biofuels.

In light of recent events and leaded by the conviction that availability of water – the source of life – is one of the most important challenges humanity has to face, we dedicate the Dossier of this DELTA Review to better water management. An overview of water related issues in MENA countries is followed by an analysis of water supply, water demand, and sanitation. Every topic will be discussed highlighting inefficiencies, which can lead to better management possibilities

The international community seems to agree that environmental degradation significantly affects communities and countries. But opinions differ on the solutions to adopt. We decided to dedicate our monthly dossier to the fundamental issue - mostly not anymore questioned: Is economic growth the solution or the source of environmental problems?

Industrial revolution generated new risks for human health and the environment. With mass production and the use of ever more dangerous chemical substances, local populations became increasingly exposed. As for industry, it often neglected the importance of such risks resulting occasionally on sanitary catastrophes. Indeed, names like Bhopal and Seveso remind bad times. Since then, much progress has been made to assess risks and take appropriate measures to reduce them based on established legal frameworks.
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