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Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Sustainable Management


sba collaborated with the Geneva School of Business Administration, the University of Geneva and other partners in order to address the needs of the world of enterprise and respond to the growing interest for sustainable development.

Designed with and for professionals, the Diploma of Advances Studies in Sustainable management is more precisely dedicated to executives and managers called upon to implement a management strategy including the principles of sustainable development.

This training combines high-level knowledge and competences while being concrete and practical as well. It includes 2 semesters of part-time studies compatible with an professional activity.

Training Objectives

This training provides an approach and tools allowing the participant to introduce sustainable development in business management and enable him/her to coordinate the domains of economic performance, ethics and environment.

Once the program successfully completed, the participant should be able to:

Let's integrate the principles of sustainable development in business management with a coherent and professional approach!

More information

Visit the website: http://sustainablemanagement.ch/modules/das.html

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