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E-learning on Eco-management

International standards and norms have become unavoidable factors of success in an always more competitive market. Eco-management is recognised as a central concept for a responsible management of enterprises. Thus, the eco-management tools developed by sba are a concrete mean to attain international certification, preserve natural resources and develop important economic advantages. The eco-management tools have proven to be valuable tools during the last 10 years: they are practical, pragmatic and efficient.

Continuing education is a key element to improving institutional and individual skills and competences. Continuing education has become essential for social and economic development within a highly competitive market where knowledge is subject to constant changes. This situation is similarly applicable to emerging countries (which are facing drastic economic expansion) and to developed countries.

Since the launch of this initiative, more than 500 executives have been trained to the principles of environmental management. These persons have become, in their country and within their organization, vectors for disseminating knowledge and innovative know-how.

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Course objective

This training aims at giving participants the theoretical background as well as the concrete tools to introduce sustainable development into daily management of enterprises. It enables participants to link environment management and ethics with the economic performance of a particular business. The e-learning course allows participant to:

Target Audiance

The continuing training is targeting executives from emerging and developed countries that are active in:

Course duration and programme

The E-Learning training takes place via Internet both in English and French (2 parallel sessions) and the course has a duration of 10 weeks. The e-learning course is based on several eco-management tools developed by sba and its partners. To succeed in the e-learning course, the candidates has to devote approximately 8-10 hours work per week. The participants are evaluated on their level of participation, the quality of their work and on their in-plant application report.

The programme deals with the principles of eco-efficiency as well as 3 prominent eco-management tools, namely: Good Housekeeping, Eco-mapping and Environmental Self-Diagnosis Guide. Theoretical contributions are combined with practical exercises and on-line evaluations. Finally the e-learning course culminates with an in-plant application in order to experience the implementation of eco-management in an enterprise.

Kindly click on the following link to view the Preliminary Programme

Methodology and certificate

Different e-learning means is used: theoretical inputs, free and guided chat sessions, on-line discussions, forum, case studies and exercises. Participants are required to have a good Internet connection and an email address.

The course is moderated by 2 tutors who are experts in ‘Eco-Management' :

Majdoulaine Semlali - MSc in environnement, Projet manager, sba
Karim Zein - MSc in environnemental management, MBA, President, sba

They act as coaches to the participants rather than teachers. Exchanges among participants and with tutors are actively supported. Follow-up mechanisms is used to monitor working time and the successful is downloadable from sba's e-learning platform; a documented bibliography on each topic and a glossary is also provided.

View case studies realised with Eco-management tools

The participants who have successfully completed the course receive a « certificate of participation ». This certificate requires active participation in all the courses and works. This certificate is equivalent to 4 ECTS* credits and corresponds to the followed courses, the various activities accomplished and the personal homework provided (a total of 80 to 100 working hours).
* European Credits Transfer System

Registration and costs

Interested participants are required to send a complete Curriculum vitae and a motivation letter by e-mail to sba@sba-int.ch (the deadline will be communicated). To ensure an optimal quality of the courses, the number of participants is limited to 25 persons for the English session as well as 25 persons for the French session. Please indicate your preferred language.

The registration fees are 2'000 CHF. Partial scholarships covering 20 to 40 % of the registration fees are available in a very limited number. The scholarship application requires a separate process and are destined to participants from emerging countries.

The practical information concerning the e-learning course is communicated to the selected candidates who have paid their registration fees.

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