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A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award for Qatar

National Context

According to Qatar Today Green Awards, Qatar is ranked 4th among the world's top 10 offenders of ecology, preceded by UAE, USA and Kuwait. This conclusion is based on the calculation of the country's Ecological Footprint, which measures how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb the waste it disposes under prevailing technology. [United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 2008]

For instance, 300 million gallons of water is consumed in Qatar everyday, far above the average that is available. Following rapid socioeconomic development and massive population increase, Qatar has serious water resource problems. Municipal water provision depends on costly and unsustainable desalination. Furthermore, native Qataris do not pay a water tariff and migrants pay a subsidized price-approximately one third of the cost of production. As a result, there is little awareness of the true cost of water and its use is profligate. The actual situation can be summarized as high energy consumption in the process of desalination to make water drinkable, and a large misuse and waste of water among households and industries due to a price that does not reflect the value of the resource.

In the field of waste production per capita, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries rank in the top ten worldwide. It is estimated that approximately 120 million tonnes of waste is currently produced in the GCC countries, with 1.3 kg/capita/day as an average for Qatar, compared for instance to 0.95 kg/capita/day for Germany.

Concerning the social dimension, there is a big improvement range in relation with workers comfort, safety and rights having in mind that 75% of the work force is constituted of expatriates.

Qatar CSR Award

The facts exposed above confirm that if not managed in an ethical sustainable way, economic activities would lead to environmental degradation and contribute to serious social issues in Qatar. In this respect, promote Corporate Social Responsibility would be a comprehensive and integrative mean to tackle those issues and improve social and environmental situation in the country. That's why sba and its partners propose to create a CSR Award for Qatar.

The objectives of the Qatar CSR Award are to:

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