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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in Ukraine

Context and objectives

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is a promising avenue for increasing the profitability and the sustainability of industry in Ukraine, as well as for ensuring its compliance with international standards. The country's key extractive and manufacturing industries are often characterised by out-dated technologies and resource-intensive practices that create considerable costs for the economy, the environment and the well-being of the public. The mainstreaming of RECP practices and technologies is thereby crucial for re-orienting the country’s prevailing economic paradigm away from labour intensive processes and towards more innovative and inclusive solutions.

In February 2013, sba began collaborating with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Carbotech AG and CSD Engineers AG on a UNIDO-sponsored project that promotes the adaptation and adoption of RECP in Ukraine. The project aims to enhance the productivity, competitiveness and environmental performance of Ukrainian industry by supporting RECP technologies, practices and policies. It also aims to facilitate the industry's access and negotiating-capacity within national, regional and global markets.

The project was developed on the basis of UNIDO's and UNEP's experience in promoting RECP through National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) that are currently operational in nearly 50 countries across the globe. It builds on the results and lessons learned during the implementation of UNIDO's National Cleaner Production Programme in Ukraine (ongoing since 2007), and directly supplements the activities of the recently-established National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) in Kyiv.

Overall methodology

sba forms part of the "Swiss Reference Centre (SRC)" that provides multi-faceted support to the Kyiv NCPC. This includes capacity development, assitance with the dissemination and practical application of RECP frameworks and technology, and on-site company audits and training. As depicted below, the SRC contributes to the impact and visibility of the NCPC's efforts towards RECP in Ukraine:



The Kyiv NCPC has a sector-based approach, concentrating on national priority sectors - metallurgy, machine building, chemicals, and agro-processing industries. Its key services include (i) comprehensive assessments of an enterprise’s material, waste and energy flows; (ii) evaluation of processes efficiency, improvement potential, viable technological options and investment pay-back periods; (iii) staff training and qualification upgrading; (iv) assistance in implementation of Chemical Leasing and Sound Chemical Management schemes; and (v) facilitating agreements with financial institutions to secure funding for clean technology projects in Ukraine.

sba and other SRC members are continually providing technical and administrative support for these activities as well as in efforts to engage stakeholders and promote public-private partnerships at national and regional levels. They are also involved in policy assessments, in the compilation of strategic action plans, as well as in various technical training events, workshops and in-company audits.

Project Outcomes

Since its establishment as an official entity under the UNIDO framework in 2013, the Kyiv NCPC has:

sba and SRC have supported these achievements via regular missions, multi-stakeholder training events and local company audits. sba also continues to compile best-practice guides, case studies and practical solutions for reducing enterprise resource consumption, increasing process efficiency, and identifying opportunities for financial savings - which it disseminates among policy-makers, technicians, managers and civil society.

Most recently, sba produced a study that developes the rationale and guides the establishment of a Ukrainian Business-Environment Network (BEN) that will share experiences and promote socio-environmentally responsible strategies, practices and technologies among local entreprise. The concept was launched at the 2014 Kyiv “Green Mind” International Forum for Sustainable Business Development that brought together local policy-makers and international experts with the aim of discussing concrete avenues for moving towards a greener and more inclusive economy in Ukraine. The report has since attracted the attention of various public and private entities in the country, and steps towards its implementation are being actively discussed.


Since the formal inception of the Kyiv NCPC in 2013, sba's contribution to its activities is envisaged to last five years. Further commitments can be made as per the specific requirements and evolution of the NCPC's workstreams.

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