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Environmental taxation system in Morocco

Context and Objectives

In partnership with Ecosys and Financial Business Consulting Group (FBCG), sba will start a project on the improvement of the National Fund for environment protection and its highlighting (FNE) in Morocco. 

In the light of the important objectives on the environment protection in Morocco and the budget needs resulting from them, the principle objective of the study is to examine the existing possibilities to develop this fund and to allow it to play a crucial role in the reparation, the protection and the highlighting of the kingdom environment.

The study has the following specific objectives:



The governmental authority in charge of the environment and organising the “National Funds for environment preservation and enhancement” as well as the members of the department of environment in charge of financial questions of the environmental politics and the ecological taxation tools.


Strategic Approach and Expected Results

The project is divided in three missions:



The project began the 27 December 2013 and is still being emplemented.

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