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Amine Ahlafi


Amine Ahlafi is an architect, planner and development consultant. He is the founder of 2d.DAMA agency that is working in sustainable development, responsible tourism, urban design and architecture. Educated in Morocco and France he has an Architect Diploma (1999), and a Master in Urban Geography (2000). He is married and has 2 children.

Having worked several years in the Tourism Ministry (Public), for a financial and development institution (Private) and for the Foundation Mohammed VI for the Protection of the Environment (NGO), he fully dedicated his time to 2d.Dama's projects and programmes. 

He is active in promoting sustainable development, responsible tourism, environmental education, as well as sustainable architecture and urbanism in Morocco and abroad. Additionally, he contributes to national and international studies and collaborates with several professional networks. He is also adviser for some of the main sustainable development stakeholders in Morocco.   











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