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David Maradan


David Maradan is the President-director of Ecosys Ltd - a private company specialized in applied and environmental economics founded in 1988 by the late Prof. Gonzague Pillet (1958-2007). David obtained his Ph.D. in economics in 2005, with a dissertation entitled: "Prosperity and environmental quality". He also graduated from the Institute of international Studies in 1998 and obtained a postgraduate diploma in public policy analysis in 2001 from the University of Geneva. He is married and father of one child.

David Maradan is working on policy instruments for environmental protection as well as on economic analysis of pollution trends. He is active with Ecosys Ltd on various mandates for the OECD, the World Bank, UNEP as well as Swiss administrations and various foreign agencies and governments. He also lectures at the Geneva School of Business Administration and at the Universities of Fribourg and Geneva where he teaches microeconomics, environmental economics and public finance. His current research interests are revolve around environmental and ecological economics.











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