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Christophe Lemoine


Christophe Lemoine has over 20 years of experience in media and communication. He has worked in various French production groups (TF1, France 2 and France 3) where he created magazines and games and spent 8 years promoting the “Française des Jeux”. A career behind cameras and microphones has established his passion for conceptualisation and production, leading to his eventual specialisation in audio-visual communication.

In 2003, he became aware of the emergence of new communication tools in Morocco, a country whose potential he knew very well. His project (funding a media pole in original positioning) led him to the idea of creating an agency for Digital Video Productions (DVP) in Marrakech. The agency produces corporate (tourism, luxury hotel business, food processing, special events) as well as institutional movies, in particular for the Mohammed VI foundation for environmental protection, for the tourism regional Council of Marrakesh, the regional centre of investment, as well as for other high-ranking institutions in the country. To datel, more than 60 films have been created.











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