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Abdoulaye Idrissa Maïga


Abdoulaye Idrissa Maïga is an engineer in applied sciences and a project analyst. He specializes in integrated rural development, project management, community training as well as monitoring and evaluation systems. He is married and has six children.

Since 1983, Mr. Maïga was involved in many applied research projects with the participation of the beneficiary populations. His main fields of expertise tackle the following areas: analysis of natural resources management and participatory approaches; regional and local planning of economic development; definition and enhancement of production systems for the agriculture and breeding sectors; research and definition of agricultural policies; and improvement of rural economies in relation to integrated water management.

He collaborates with several organizations in the framework of national and international programmes (CILSS, PDDAA -NEPAD, PEI-UNEP, GIRE-DNH, IUCN, sba, etc.) and is regularly involved in the development of new concepts. He conducts research in the field of sustainable development, integrated rural development indicators, pastoral management, land use systems and poverty in Mali. 











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