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Grégoire Meylan


Grégoire Meylan is a research assistant and PhD student at the Institute for Environmental Decisions of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) since 2009. Educated in the United States and Switzerland, he has a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from ETH Zurich (2007). The main focus of his studies was sanitation and resource management. Right after obtaining his MSc, he completed his 13-month civil service as project assistant at sba. He was predominantly active in cleaner production projects and environmental economic analyses. He then worked another year at sba as project coordinator in the field of cleaner production.

The topic of his PhD is the prospective and integrative assessment of waste management options in Switzerland. By combining life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology and economic input-output analysis, he is investigating optimization potentials and trade-offs related to such options within and beyond the system boundaries of waste management.  















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