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Abdellatif Touzani

Photo A. Touzani

Abdellatif Touzani is a professor at the “Ecole Mohammadia d’ingénieurs (EMI)” in Morocco. He completed his PhD thesis at the Canadian “Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal” in 1985. He is also a graduate of the “Ecole nationale supérieure des industries chimiques de Nancy” in France.

As an expert in energy efficiency and renewables, Abdellatif Touzani specializes in measures for enhancing environmental performance - primarily in industrial and building sectors. He also acts as a project facilitator for corporations striving towards cleaner production.

He took part in several national and international projects on behalf of global organizations such as UNIDO and the African Agency for Cooperation and Research Development. He continues to actively contribute to climate change mitigation projects by guiding carbon footprint assessments of agricultural and mining activities in Morocco.



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