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Swiss support to Moroccan Professional Associations (ASAP-M)

Context and objectives

In august 2013, sba started a programme with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) with the overall objective of enhancing productivity, improving incomes and potentially creating jobs in rural Morocco through improved services delivered by four professional associations.

More specifically, the ASAP-M Programme aims to:


Indeed, the reduction of precariousness and the job creation in the middle of the vulnerable parts of society, including women and young people particularly from rural areas, are indissociable components of reinforcement of local development and stability. The contribution of the civil society in this domain allows bringing solutions based on the field realities.


Strategic approach

In order to respond to those objectives, sba aims to link the specific needs of five existing professional associations with the axes and priorities of the ASAP-M Programme. Those needs will serve as grid to conceive action plans defined and adapted to each association.

The five partner associations are:



The Programme ASAP-M targets :


Expected Results

The principle expected results of the Programme are:





The Programme will last 40 months (September 2013 to December 2016)


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