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Environmental accounting in Morocco

Context and objectives

In March 2013, sba in partnership with Ecosys has started a study having the overall objective of proposing a strategy and an action plan to allow the implementation of an environmental accounting (EA) system in Morocco.

This study is part of the new dynamic of Morocco for environment protection and sustainable development promotion.

In order to allow the monitoring and support of the different environmental politics and to evaluate the efforts expended by the authorities and the economic agents regarding the environment protection as well as their socio-economic fallout, the creation of an EA system becomes imperative.

This EA will allow spreading the field of national economic accounting to the valuation of environmental assets, based on the calculation of the damages inflicted to the environment following the advent of natural or anthropic phenomenon as well as benefits and damages induced by the implementation of different development projects.



The EA ambition is to allow politic decision-makers to inform the administration of the environmental results of their actions, to integrate the “environment” variable in the public decision-making process at all levels of government, as well as to increase the transparency regarding the effects of politics on the environment.


Strategical Approach and Expected Results

The study consists of:


Three missions will allow the good progress of those activities:

  1. The first aims to elaborate a diagnosis of the present state in Morocco in matter of EA and applications of environmental economy.
  2. The second suggest an international benchmark in matter of EA
  3. Finally, the third aims to elaborate a strategy and an action plan for the implementation of a EA system in Morocco (missions III.1 et III.2) and tests the suggested approach by a pilot case (mission III.3)




The study lasted 1 year (March 2013 to March 2014)


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