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Creation of green jobs for young people in Tunisia

Context and Objectives

The political and socio-economic context in Tunisia is delicate nowadays and the programme of creation of employs for young people will allow favouring the professional integration of young people and their participation to the civil society. It therefore allows answering the urgent needs of the Tunisian youth in the governorates of Bizerte, Jendouba and Siliana.

The objectives of this project are to:



The beneficiaries of this programme are young Tunisians that are searching employs or auto-employs, with a focus on the 3 targeted governorates.


Strategic Approach

4 distinct steps were determined to conduct the analysis:



The strategy allows distinguishing 3 types of combinations between the beneficiaries and the training needs:

  1. The beneficiaries already have the needed competences for green economy. In this case, no training programme must be implemented and the employs can be created by reinforcing the information between seeker and provider
  2. The beneficiaries have a major part of the needed knowledge. In this case, a short training programme at large scale can be undertaken.
  3. The beneficiaries do not have enough knowledge. in this case, longer duration training programmes as well as practical sessions are needed.


Expected results

720 young people will be formed in a multidisciplinary and technical manner regarding the lead chain in green economy. 20 young people of this group will then be selected to be accompanied through workshops to arise the interaction between their strong potential eco-project from which they will be carrier.




The project has started in the beginning of June 2013 and lasted around 6 months.

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