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Strategic Seminar on Globalization

Context and objectives

In order to develop its capacity to confront increasing globalisation and to face the challenges of the Century, Sultanate of Oman joined in 2000 the World Trade Organization (WTO) and began liberalising its market.

Additionally, Oman has embarked upon its global future by establishing a strategic Vision for Oman’s National Economy (Oman 2020). The long-term goal of Vision 2020 will be achieved through four major strategies: sustainable development within a stable macroeconomic framework, human resources development, diversification of economy, and development of the private sector. 

In order to train Senior Level Officials from Oman Ministries, sba has developed a tailored High-level Strategic Workshop tackling Globalization and the Challenges of the Century.

The workshop enables participants who are leading or engaged in initiating and implement activities related to globalisation, within their ministries, to:


The workshop has been specifically designed for Senior Level Officials from Oman Ministries.


The programme offers a balanced mix between theoretical and practical inputs, giving participants the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned during theory lectures. The practical work is approached from a variety of activities in relation with pedagogical objectives: group works and role play.

The major topics are:


This is a one week workshop. Two previous sessions were held in Lausanne in September 2013 and September 2014.


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