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MESO-economic studies of the environment for the handicraft sector in Morocco


Morocco has established an ecodevelopment strategy and wants to concretise its National Chart of Environment and Sustainable Development that aims to guaranty a healthy environment to all Moroccans. In order to control the environmental problems, an integrated and efficient politic is needed at national as well as regional and sectorial level.

In this respect, SBA-Ecosys was mandated by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment to realise an environmental economic study at meso-economic level (MESO analysis) of the handicraft sector in Morocco.

This meso-economic study will allow defining the environment state at the handicraft sector level, to precise the environment degradation nature that this sector causes, to calculate the cost of this degradation and to offer remediation actions.



The study aims the following specific objectives:



The meso-economic studies are based on the economic evaluation of the environmental degradation at an economic sector level. They aim in particular to give the decision-makers a decision making tool and an objective base to orientate the strategic choices of the industries and the administration regarding the constraints and the regional, national and international environmental and socio-economic opportunities.


Strategic approach and expected results

The study is composed of 3 missions:

  1. The first is about the realization of the economic, environmental and regulatory diagnosis of the Moroccan handicraft sector
  2. The second is about the monetary evaluation of the environmental damages costs, the inefficiency and the remediation costs for one or more activities belonging to the handicraft sector. On this basis, priority actions will be listed and recommendations will be expressed
  3. The third mission synthesis the obtained results and formulates, on this basis, a detailed action plan allowing the improvement of the environment performances of the handicraft sector



The project has started in March 2013 and lasted 6 months


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